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Birding trips in Ladakh


Many species of finches, robins, redstarts (like the Black Redstart) and the Hoopoe are common in summer. The Brown-headed Gull is seen in summer on the river Indus, and on some lakes of the Changthang. Resident water-birds include the Brahminy duck also known as the Ruddy Sheldrake, and the Bar-headed Goose (Ladakhi: ngangpa). The Black-necked Crane (trhung-trhung) is a rare species found scattered in the Tibetan plateau, and is also found nesting in summer in parts of Ladakh. Other birds include the Raven, Red-billed Chough (chungka), Tibetan Snowcock and Chukar (a partridge, srakpa) [1]. The Lammergeier and the Golden Eagle are common raptors here.



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