River Rafting in Ladakh 2012

Zanskar river rafting



This is a river adventure like none other. A two week expedition would give you an opportunity to discover little seen parts of western Ladakh. Get ready for sights and sounds of monasteries, drums, fluttering prayer flags, canyons and some of the best white water that is far beyond your dreams and expectations.

You would begin your journey by acclimatizing for a few days at Leh town, where you can also visit ancient palaces and monasteries. Drive past 7000 meter high mountains, awesome glaciers, to begin the river run in the Zanskar valley at 12,000 feet. Spend the first two days enjoying the moderate white water where you get an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural surroundings. Zanskar offers spectacular physical features, unlike anything you have seen in all of India or the world. At the end of the Zanskar valley, get ready for the spectacular Zanskar Canyon, also referred to as the ‘Grand Canyon of Asia’. The walls of the Canyon go up thousands of feet off the river bed. You have a feeling of being at one with nature and may feel like the only person in this desolate part of the world. The Zanskar canyon is a grade 4 whitewater section and offers amazing whitewater for rafting and kayaking.

Spend most of the day on the river Zanskar and pitch up camp late in the afternoon. Enjoy sumptuous meals by the river side and laze in the afternoon or stroll & explore the area. Enjoy a spectacular night sky filled with twinkling stars, while you sit around a camp fire and listen to stories of the many runs our guides have done on their favorite river. You will also discover the rich culture and history of the natives as we make our way down the Zanskar, and take back memories that will keep you thrilled.

S.No Sector  Price with Rfating, Lunch, and transport Price with

Rafting and Transport

Price only with rafting Distance KM Time Grade
1 Chiiling to Sangham RS 1800 1500 1400 29KM 3Hrs 3+
2 Skorpochey to Sangham Rs 1500 1200 1100 17KM 1:30 Hrs 2+
3 Tsogsti to Sangham Rs 1000 800 700 12KM 1 Hrs 1+
4 Stakna to Choklamsar Rs 1500 1500 1200 20KM 2 :30 Hrs 2+
5 Choklamsar to Phey Rs 1000 800 700 11KM 1 :30 hrs 1+
6 Phay to Sangham Rs 1500 1300 1200 25KM 2 Hrs 2+
7 Sangham to Alchi Rs 3000 2500 2400 29KM 2 Hrs 3+



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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’d like to enquire about the Zanskar Rafting Expedition.

    Due to my limited vacation availability I am bound to very specific dates:
    Arrival Leh: August 20
    Departure Leh: August 31 (fly out in the morning)

    So I’ve got the following questions (I am booking individually and happy to join a group):
    - Do you have a trip available matching my dates?
    - What is the detailed itinerary?
    - What is included?
    - What is the price?

    Many thanks for your help!

    Best regards,

    Dirk Heinrich

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