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Clean-up trek
Markha valley

Like every year we are going to organise clean-up trek to Markha valley from 20th Sep to 30th Sep. Interested trekkers may register their name at the below mailing address.

Hemis Complex upper Tukcha Road
Near Zangsti Parking
Mob : +91 7298604854-9906971009

Clean up trek to the apricot valley!

Responsible travels initiative!

We at Active Adventure Ladakh after our successful participation and support for the first ever cycling competition to  the khardong la pass the world highest motorable road, we are now organising a clean-up trek along with the apricot valley with the responsible initiative by our dedicated staffs and some of our clients.
The objective behind organising such trips is to create an opportunity to exchanges ideas between the visitors and the host community/the villagers. As we believe that our local farmers have many stories to share with what they have experienced in the last few decades with many changes …from the cash economy to the climate changes!
So if you have enough time while your stay in Ladakh join this programme and learn from the local people- ofcourse share your experiences from the west or the metropolitans lives!


a) As a Guest – Respect local traditions- protect local cultural- maintain local prides.

b) While taking Photographs- Respect privacy-ask permission and restraint use of flashlight for photography and filming inside National Monuments and smoking and alcohol drinking is strictly prohibited

c) Respect Holy Place- preserve what you have come to see- never touch or remove religious objects- purchase and sale of antiques which is more than 100 years old is against the law and it attracts punishment under rules.

d) Don’t carve your initials the wall of religious places and historical monuments.

e) Keep noise levels down- especially at night or in quiet religious centres.

f) While in Mountains burn or bury all non-degradable litters-don’t expect others to clean up after you.

g) Keep stream water clean and avoid using pollutants such as detergents in stream and springs- if no toilets facilities are available- make sure are at least 30 Meter away from water source and Bury or cover waste.

h) Giving to Children encourages begging a donation to project like Health Centre or School is a more constructive way to help.

i) Visitors who value local traditions encourage local prides and maintain local cultures-please help them to gain a realistic view of life in other parts of the World.

j) The beauty of the place and loving kinds of the people may change you but please do not change them.

The first cycling competition to the world highest motorable road Khardongla!
By T. Dorjay
A one day first ever International cycling competition on the highest motorable pass ( Khardong la 5654mtr) was organised by a local tour operator, The Himalayan Bikers and co-sponsored by the Active Adventure India, on Sunday 29th of August. The cycling competition was started from Karzoo Leh up to 40 Kms till the Khardong la top. There were around 37 participants including eight local cyclists and 27 foreign tourists, among them was a 63 years old man from France.
The main motto behind organising such competition is to promote ecotourism and responsible travels in the region beside encouraging young Ladakhi to promote cycling; moreover the rent and registration charges collected from the participants will be given to the recent flood victims and the Ladakh Ecological Developement Group for their project on construction of solarise houses in the remote villages.
The winners among the competitors are Konchok Namgyal 23 from Takmachik village who won the Champions trophy, Mr. Edwards 35 from France was the second leading winner among the men and Ms. Chrittein from French was the first winner among the women competitors.



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